These unique visual artworks, including descriptive text, specific graphic images, and the presentation in combination with the distinct plastic components may not be reproduced individually or in totality, in any manner, without the expressed written consent of the artist.

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The Certificates 

  • Each of our displays comes with a respective Certificate of Provenance as shown below.
  •   We guarantee all our products  100% with a         full 14-day money back return policy.​                     

How to Spot Fake Rocks

  • Legitimate meteorites demonstrate true authenticity by documenting the precise history of where and from which recognized source the material originated. The meteorite history must be traceable to the original source and include verification of authenticity or classification by an independent expert.

  • Meteorites obtained from IMCA members are highly preferred since they adhere to the strictest code of ethics and standards of authenticity.

  • The verifiable element is key since unscrupulous sellers can fabricate or even forge documentation. Without the proof, the rocks are not real meteorite material and are just plain Earth rocks.

Provenance & Authenticity

  • Our Moon and Mars meteorite displays are prepared exclusively from Lunar Meteorite NWA 4932 & Martian Meteorite NWA 4468 specimens of the world famous Hupé Planetary Collection.
  • The Hupé Planetary Collection is one of the world's largest private collections of catalogued meteorites. Greg Hupé is a highly respected member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA). His IMCA member number is #3163.
  • The IMCA is a world-wide, non-profit organization adhering to the strictest standards of authenticity and ethics. Learn more about the IMCA on their website and cross reference members for verification.
  • I am also a member of The International Meteorite Collector's Association. My member number is 6830. Our displays are 100% guaranteed to have authentic rocks from the Lunar Meteorite NWA 4932 & Martian Meteorite NWA 4468. 

Authenticity and Certificates of Provenance